Heather HeavensI’m a mother of two Amazing Children, a Wife and a Flight Attendant for a Major Airline. I really love my job traveling around the globe, but true my passion is helping others. I get a lot of joy and satisfaction teaching entrepreneurs what I’ve learned in hopes that it will have some sort of impact on their life, business and future success.

In June of 2014 I got involved in a Revolutionary Network Marketing Company which was actually the first company that brought “online parties” to Facebook. In less than 3 years I personally recruited 100 people and had built a team in the USA & Mexico! I’d even made it to the top 2% of my company! I was a recruiting machine and flying high! I thought that I was going to get to the top so fast after that, but what happened next was CRAZY!

Basically, my business hit some sever “turbulence” after that. It felt like the engine on my plane to success stalled. All the sudden I wasn’t attracting any new customers or recruits. The recruits I did have just wanted to join to be “kitnappers” or be on my team to buy wholesale. Unfortunately, the problem I was having was getting people to join my team who were serious about building a business.

It was shocking, disappointing and frustrating all at once and I was fed up and ready to give up! My business felt like it was spiraling out of control ready to crash until I made a decision…..

Instead of giving up, disappointing myself and letting my family down, I decided to take a step back and re-evaluate the way I was working my business.

Dreams Take FlightI keep thinking that there had to be a better way to market my business online where I could attract serious business builders like myself. I also knew that I needed to make some serious changes and that I would probably need to find a coach and/or mentor in order for me to make the changes I needed in order to see the success I really wanted. My goal was not only to find out what I was doing wrong, but to also find out what all top earners were doing that helped them get to the top.

Finding a mentor was the best decision I ever made!!!! January 2017 It became very clear to me that I was treating my business like a hobby and I needed to start treating it like a 7 Figure Business if I wanted a 7 Figure Income!

The first thing My coach and mentors had me change was my mindset. After that, they show me what top earners were doing, what strategies they were using and how I could apply them to help me build a successful business online. I was BLOWN AWAY that this strategy wasn’t being taught in my network marketing company!

In my opinion, this is why “everyone” needs a mentor, a business coach or to invest in training outside of what their company is teaching!

I excited to say that I now generate 25-50 leads per day on AUTOPILOT! I actually have people ask me about what company I’m with, vs me reaching out to them! I can’t tell you how AWESOME that feeling is!!!! Now I share the same strategies I learned in my Takeoff 2 Success Training!

What I teach can be learned by anyone – even if you don’t have any computer or Social Media experience! If you can follow direction and you’re open to learning a new way to advertising your business, then my training is for you!!!!!

You have what it takes! You just need someone to guide you along your journey!!!

I Invite You to…….. TAKEOFF 2 SUCCESS with Heather Heavens!!

Good Luck on your journey,

~ Heather ~

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